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There are significant expenses involved in operating Clothes2U. The biggest ones are vehicle operating costs as well as shelter costs for keeping donations and clientele safe from the elements. You can help by becoming a Clothes2U sponsor with sponsorships starting at 40 cents per day factored over a year.

We are pleased to partner with other social service organizations such as Salvation Army, Soroptomist Club and various shelters. Please contact us if you represent such an organization and would like some assistance from us.

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  1. This organization help sooooo many people over the years. The founder Mr. Ernie and his volunteers put endless hours to sort through stuff and put it all together for the people in need. I always get encouragement from Mr. Ernie . He takes the time to talk to people, encourages them, and if they are in need of something that is not on available then and there, he takes the time to take your number, call you back and meet with you close to your house to give you what you need . He uses his own money for gas, and never ask for money . He uses his money, time, and energy to the best of his ability in my opinion. He always has a smile on his face, no matter if he has trials of his own he’s going through. He put the people in need FIRST. He always keep an eye on the needy ones and also on the ones who try to take advantage of it. It’s not fair for wealthy people to come and get free stuff and then resell it! That’s why he keeps an eye on everyone!I will recommend this organization to everyone in need. It saved me sooo many times! May GOD bless Mr. Ernie and all the volunteers. Amen !

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